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X Japan

X Japan. What can I say about them that hasn't already been said a thousand times before. That they were one of the most amazing Jrock bands ever? That the driving force behind them, Yoshiki Hayashi, is not only intelligent and strong-willed but one of the most gorgeous men that walked the earth? It's been said, a thousand times before, and better, but I'm still gonna add this.
Yoshiki Hayashi grew up in a broken home, so to speak. His father killed himself when Yoshiki was a boy, and it was the young boy that found the body. He was still staring at his father when the maids(?) came in. He always wanted to be a rock star. His teachers didn't agree and called his mother to tell her to talk him out of it, but she was having none of it and told them he could do what he wanted. He formed the band with his best friend, Toshi. If that isn't his name, I'm getting him confused with Taiji(?), but I think I'm right...
His mother helped him get the money to form his own record label, Xtasy(sp?), and he released some of the many albums on it. Taiji joined the band as bass guitar because he was Hayashi-sama's roommate, but he left because there was apparently a dispute over royalties and the release of songs. When he left in 1992, Heath was recruited in his place. Around 1989-90, they changed their image from the wild look they had before, to a more 'refined' look.
But the band broke up on the 22nd of September 1997, and Hide died on the 2nd of May 1998.
That's the entire potted history of X Japan. They did the amazing theme song to X/1999, but they did so much more (and some of it seems so wonderful to fit with the anime AND the manga...), so I thought we needed this. There will be more here when I know more.

HUUUGE thankyous and huggles to Sho-n Oski Chan who gave me the basic potted history ^^, and endless_x for also helping me with the date Heath left ^^ you guys are great, man!