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Arashi is a student, who is also the 'hidden priestess of the Ise shrine'. She knows of Hinoto and regularly travels to the Diet Building to see her. She also knows of the threat to the world and is sworn to help fight for the Dragons of Heaven. When she fights, she uses a delicate longsword that emerges from her own hand. She first appears in X/1999 #1, 'Prelude'.

Kishuu Arashi, in the anime, seems very distant and uncaring. She does her job with what seems to be roboticness. She respects Hinoto, but does not seem to have any great care for anyone but herself. She does not appear vain in any way though. She seems utterly bored with Sorata's determined attempts to get her to fall in love with him, although they aren't focused on in any great length. Another thing is, she appears to have known Sorata for a long longer than she has in the manga, which could be confusing to fans of the manga that have picked up the film for the first time. Arashi's feelings for Sorata seem only to be feelings of annoyance, until the fight with Fuma.

Arashi seems as distant in the manga as she does in the film, but appears to have a greater respect for Hinoto and her job. Sorata's arrival almost seems to throw her off step. She seems to be one of the more major characters. She appears in the first book, even on the first page. She and Saiki look as though they are watching the Kamui, but she seems more accepting of his status than Saiki does. She intercedes in the fight between Saiki and Kamui also, the first true showing of her power. Then, after such a prominent start, she fades to the background for the second book. It isn't until 'Sonata' that she returns to us again, and meets Aoki, who seems to surprise her. It seems that the battle for the Earth only became a reality for her then, when she met another who had the power to help or destroy mankind.

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