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Kasumi Karen is one of the older members of the Ten no Ryu, and normally wears clothing than could be described as...odd ^^;;

Karen was an underused resource, so to speak ^_^;;. She was already part of the Dragons of Heaven, so there was no cute little meeting between her and Sorata and Arashi. She seemed only to exist to dispose of the infinitely-disposable Shogo Asagi (and die in the process). That annoyed me... It says in the anime that she's a 'club stripper'... I think it's far more than that, considering she has 'meishi', or a 'business card', in the manga. She says that Tokyo is a terrible city, but she wants to save the people. If only she lived a little longer... ^^;

Karen first appears in manga 5: Serenade, when Sorata and Arashi were talking in a tree while watching Kamui. Just when Sorata was claiming that the Dragons of Heaven would win my 'prettiness alone', Karen appeared, saying 'Oh... ...then I can't be friends, can I? Not unless I'm pretty'. O.o that comes across sounding malicious... (Darn, I need to scan that page ideally...) but she was actually just acting cute. She had sneaked out of work, and was the one who burned down Tokiko's house - because Tokiko actually asked her to as she was being kidnapped, giving her a message in a Spirit Tongue, and asking her to tell Kamui to 'protect the sacred sword'. Of course, when she tells Sorata about being affiliated with the Dragons of Heaven, he asks her what he religion is and gets the peculiar response 'flower', delivered with a giggle. She works in a 'bath house', which I think is a nice way of saying she is a geiko. (if I have 'geiko' and 'geisha' confused, could you e-mail me at and tell me? Thankyou ^_^;;). Karen seems far more interesting in the manga, it'll be cool to find out more about her.

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