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K-chan's Profile

^_^ this is my personal profile!

Name: Kachi-chan Kurenai Sakura (mostly now called K-chan)
Real name: Name removed due to the fact my thesis is now marked and done with, and because someone was giving a very good impression of stalking me.
Picture: K-chan ^^
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2" (I'm little, ne?)
Weight: 6.3 stone/86lbs (last time I looked...)

Favourite X/1999 male: Nataku ^^
Favourite X/1999 female: Satsuki

Favourite X Japan rock song: Dahlia
Favourite X Japan ballad: Longing ~Togireta Melody~

Favourite anime series: Digimon, CardCaptor Sakura, Vision of Escaflowne, DBZ (it's growing on me ^^;; ), Martian Successor Nadesico, Original BubbleGum Crisis, and I'm quite fond of Yu-Gi-Oh! too ^_^;;
Favourite anime movie/OAV: You're Under Arrest!, X/1999, Rayearth, Vampire Princess Miyu, Metal Skin Panic Madox-01

Favourite manga: Clover (my all time favourite! ^_^ ), X/1999, Rayearth, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell

About me in general: that's THAT list of things out the way! Well...about me. I'm a Leo, but due to the messy circumstances of my birth, I share a lot of the characteristics of Cancer too. Messy circumstances? Ehhh that makes me sound like a test tube thing...all it is is I was born later than intended...
I love drawing, and reading and writing. I recently read all four Harry Potter books in five days (the fourth book took longer than a day, because of it's sheer size O.o ). I write...and write and write... I'm working on two short stories at once (although HOW short they will be, I don't know...), and I recently discovered I like making wallpapers too... I build webpages with a vengeance, and at the bottom of the page will be the URLs to all the ones I've done... I roleplay a lot too, in clubs and in IRC (hi to all the #mtrp people!! ^_^ ), so it's not like I don't have any practise in writing...
My PCs are all named...the one that's the general internet PC is called The Beast (it's evil...I swear...), and my laptop is named Nataku. See a connection? If you don't, does it help that I might be getting a new(er) PC, that's so far been codenamed Yuuto? ^_^;;
I draw a the list of URLs is a link to 0.7 Online Manga. I made the site (then remade it after Crosswinds deleted it...), and I do some of the work there too. Mostly I'm better at one-off pics at the moment, but I want to be a manga artist in Japan.
I'm studying Japanese at the moment (doncha just love night classes?), I can read nearly all hiragana (my mind slips once or twice), some kanji, and nearly no katakana -_-;;;

I guess that's about it for me... Here are those URLs I promised! ^^

Personal Projects

0.7 Online Manga - I work there ^^;;
Bittersweet Fantasies - my very un-updated writing page


The Kaoru Shrine - a shrine to Kaoru Nagisa from Evangelion
Shrine of the Black Winged Angel - a Folken Fanel shrine
Sharon Apple Unofficial - a shrine to the idol singer of Macross Plus
Irinami - coming soon


AnimeJpop - an MP3 site


MT:RP - official site of the MegaTokyo roleplay group
#TourneyOfGods - a fighting roleplay channel

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