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The Log: Courtesy of the Beast

Woohoo, I finally did some work ^_^;;; well, I've been working for ages, but you've only just gotten the chance to see... ^_^;
I wanted to get the frames index up before Xmas...but alas, was fated not to be... But this is for all those people who say functionality is not enough - I think it looks okay... ^_^;;; it's still very much a work in progress though, and none of the galleries work at the moment... Soon, soon! ^_^; I have to add things like the Log and the Profile to it as well... although the less that know about me, the better ^_^;;

Well, actually, according to The Beast, it's 03/01/88... it's not been the same since I've had to start suspending it... Lately it's decided that if I shut it down, it can't start Win95/find the Operating System. I bet Satsuki's never had this problem...
I know that updates have been a VERY long time in coming... very very very... And I'm very sorry. I hope I'll be able to get going again soon.
My friend brought my mini-thesis back from my old school today on her way to Uni (thankyou Gawaga! ^_^ ), so now I can put that up here. I wasn't able to before, because it was still being marked, and I didn't want them thinking I was cheating. But now I have it back, I don't think I'll be in any trouble ^_^;;; Also I got round to finally adding a profile page. And one day I might get round to making some X/1999 wallpapers... I have a Siegfried one, also Hwang, Chipp-Zanuff, Baiken, Ky-Kiske and 2 Psychic Force ones. If those names make any sense to you, and your PC is at 800x600 resolution, then feel free to e-mail me at I really should check my e-mail more too...
I want to say a huuuuge thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me and helped me! ^_^ THANK YOU!!! I know the X Japan page is horrible messed up -_- what can I say? Watashi wa baka desu yo! I'll fix it as soon as I can (that'll be another 3 months then...). And, don't ph33r e-mailing me ^^; I'd like to thank Meghan for sending me some pics of Kamui, they'll go up on Kamui's section soon! I have to implement tables in the rest of the site...I think at most Kamui, Kotori and Fuma got 'em...
Ja, I better get on with working on this then! ^_^

Hmmm... rant alert. If you look in the guestbook, you will find a little rant from someone cowardly enough not to leave their own name, e-mail address and web site. Claiming that my site is unoriginal, that I say I am 'the best', and that the title also is unoriginal. Well.
1) My site is as orignal as every other X/1999 site out there. There is only so much information about (namely, the information in the manga) and pretty much EVERY X/1999 site will have the same information on. And yet, my site has features that others do not. I see none with the 'bloody sakura' e-mail. I have not yet seen any comparing the characters to X Japan's songs. And like Sasha in the guestbook said, it is rare to see any other sites with information on characters other than Kamui, Fuma and Kotori.
2) *ahem* I am about to yell. WHEN THE HELL DID I EVER SAY THAT I AM THE BEST?! As far as I know, I have never directly stated that I am the best X/1999 site. I said I would like to be the best, and I am aiming to be the best, but I didn't say I WAS the best because I know there is a lot I need to add (like more character information to say the least, more info on X Japan and a lot more than that). I KNOW this site is not the best, and it won't be for a long time. Different sites specialise in different things, and at the moment I am not specialised in anything.
3) Stating that my title is unoriginal. You evidently didn't read the first page then? I said the title MAY be derivative. HOWEVER. I have only ever come across one other site with the 'Bloody Sakura' part. And that was 'White Sakura, Pink Sakura, Bloody Sakura'. I am in no way affiliated with that site, although it is a very good one (although the site has been suspended indefinitely :( it was about cherry blossom in CLAMP's works and had fanfics too). And there have been, to my knowledge, no other sites with the Bloody Sakura name, unless they came after I built this.
And if there is one thing I hate, it's people who dare not leave their e-mail address or name (either real or web) for fear of people who actually LIKE the site telling them what they think of them.
And...thank you to Ms. Monkey and 'Seishirou Sakurazukamori' for helping me! ^_^ Respectively, for telling me that X/1999 volume 7: Rhapsody is on back order at and for telling me more about the adorable Kakyou Kuzuki. Thank you both of you! And thank you to all the people who signed the guestbook who said they actually liked the site (and yes Krys I'm gonna do my bestest to get more on Yuzuriha - and when I get near a DECENT scanner I'm gonna scan some of the pics from book 5 of her with the neko ears ^_^ )
And also thank you endless_x for telling me about X Japan's history ^_^() Althugh I'm a fan I don't know a lot about them. Domo arigatou gozaimasu! *huggles* I should get better at updating, ne? ;_; so much work, so little time...

Today I started to get the site as widely publicised as possible, hence the webrings section and the new links section. Also, while I was crawling the web (on my PC affectionately (HAH!) known as the 'Beast' - because it's a total pig to work) I discovered the coolest thing. Well, one of them. It's here, this site here, and it's really quite interesting. You answer some questions and it matches you up with your perfect CLAMP man. Now, here's me expecting it to be an X only one (only sen Rayearth other than that) - so imagine my shock when the top person on my list not Kamui...but Ferio! Well, I do think he's quite cute ^_^()() And the second person was Eagle...^_^()()()() I saw him first in a comic and HE was the one that persuaded me to get the Rayearth videos... Kakyou was number 8. I did it again about five minutes ago, and my results were only slightly different. Ferio: still number 1... Zagato, number 4! Eagle down to 5 and Kakyou at 6. Eeep...apparently Ferio is my perfect man...I wouldn't mind, but the thing is, both Marc and I have been calling him 'Lord of Incest' instead of 'Lord of Insects'... Other than that, I guess he's just fine...-_- *mutters* comes to something when Lantis is below both Fuma and Yuuto, AND Sorata and Kamui...
And apparently I'm most like Hikaru...that's scary since I look a little like her too, with longer hair...same colour 0.o. The whole anime section's here.
It's scary...