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Welcome to Bloody Sakura, an X/1999 fansite. ^_^ This is the frames version. If you don't like this, or clicked on the wrong bit on the entrance page ^^; I do have a noframes version too ^_^;;;; it's the old main page. It's easy to navigate, and I spent a long amount of time on it.
Of course, always beware that there will be spoilers on this page - well, it's kinda evident ^^;;; - so if you haven't read all of X/1999 the manga (as I haven't ;_; ), or seen the anime, and don't want to know what happens, proceed with EXTREME caution!
If you don't know anything about the anime or the manga, however, and would like to find out, come on in! ^_^ The doors are always open!

Ongoing status:
Galleries up: Kamui, Kotori, Fuma, Nataku, Kakyou and Yuzuriha
Information up: Kamui, Kotori, Fuma, Sorata, Arashi, Yuzuriha, Kakyou, Satsuki, Aoki, Yuuto, Nataku, Tokiko, Karen and Toru
^_^ As ever, this is a huge ongoing project, so please bear with me... if you truly must see everything now, then the nonframes gallery is the whole main page ^_^;; everything's on there. Thankyou for your patience! *Kachi-webmistress blows you a kiss :P*

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