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Magami Toru is Kamui's mother, and has a rather influential role on the whole story despite not exactly being in it too often. She died at the start, and is only shown in flashbacks. The name 'Magami' is made from two characters, information about which can be found in the 'dictionary' section ^_^

Things appear a little different here than they do in the manga. Kamui finds the house burning, and runs in. His mother draws the Holy Sword from her stomach then dies, leaving Kamui with a sword and a huge mother complex...

However, as always, things are slightly different in the manga. Here, Toru is not only remembered by Kamui, she is told to him by his aunt, Tokiko. She left home just after she graduated High School, with barely a word to anyone but her younger sister Tokiko. The night before she left she went to her, and told her that she would 'bear the child of a man'. She knew that Kamui would be instrumental to the fate of mankind. Kamui knows nothing of his father - indeed, the readers know nothing of Kamui's father either.

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