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Yuzuriha appears to be a normal highschool girl on the surface. However she too is instrumental in the fate of mankind. She comes from a family known for their connection to the spirit wolves, and has her own friend: Inuki. However, only those connected to the fate of the world can see him. She's the same age as Kamui, and first appears in book #5, 'Serenade'. However, Inuki appears by himself in book #4, 'Intermezzo'.

She cames across as rather immature in the anime, and was treated like a child. Perhaps that's why she got killed ^_^;; They keep in a detail of the manga - she realises that Kusanagi is connected to the fate of the Earth when he tickles Inuki's head, and that's when they plan to attack the Chi no Ryu, I think.

Yuzuriha seems a lot more likeable in the manga. She regularly sprouts cat ears and is very expressive. She even teases Kamui about his height in 'Serenade': "Second shortest in the class! Do they stick you in front when they take the class picture?" When Sorata starts laughing, and tells her she's "hitting below the belt", her immediate response is, "Oh, I'm sorry. Is the little guy sensitive about that?" She's very na´ve, and when Kamui gets annoyed, she simply offers him food, on the basis of her observation that "People get quick-tempered when they're hungry." Yet she appears to be a good fighter, and keeps her weapon, a sword, inside Inuki. She also appears very dedicated to her cause, but also seems to make friends easily.
Her side story, at the end of book #6, 'Duet', is really sweet. She spends most of it talking to Inuki, and attracting some strange looks, because no one but either the Chi or Ten no Ryu can see him. One guy asks her out for a drink, but he can't see Inuki, so she turns him down. When Kusanagi just idly stops and pats him, she starts crying and hugs Kusanagi tightly, because no one ever before was able to see Inuki.

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